Who can use eTRAKiT?

eTRAKiT is open to all users. A contractor that is registered with the City of Laguna Niguel must sign in using their company name and reset their password. All other users that are not contractors (i.e. homeowners, realtors or insurance agents) are able to create a user account to create an online application or to schedule an inspection.

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1. Who can use eTRAKiT?
2. Will eTRAKiT work in any internet browser?
3. I have forgotten my Public Login Username and or Password.
4. I am locked out of eTRAKiT. How do I get back in?
5. I keep getting a pop-up that says, "Please verify you are not a robot" but there is no where to verify.
6. There is no "Apply / New Permit" button on my site, or when I click "Apply / New Permit" button, it blinks and does nothing but take me back to the dashboard.
7. I am having trouble locating my permit number when I conduct a search.
8. As a homeowner doing my own work at my home, am I required to obtain a permit?