What is the latest city action?

On June 5, 2018, the City Council approved an ordinance to amend the Laguna Niguel Municipal Code and the Laguna Niguel Gateway Specific Plan to clarify and establish regulations for congregate living facilities in all zoning districts. State-licensed residential care facilities are exempt from local zoning regulations and would therefore not be affected. View a Summary of Ordinance 2018-194 (PDF).

Pursuant to Ordinance Number 2018-194 (PDF), existing unlicensed group home facilities are hereby required to make an application to the City of Laguna Niguel Community Development Department for a Group Home Permit by October 4, 2018, and achieve full compliance with permit regulations by January 1, 2019. Failure to comply with the deadlines stated above shall result in City initiation of code enforcement action against both non-compliant property owners and facility operators.

Any permitted group home facilities found not to meet the required 1,000-foot separation distance requirement from other group home facilities and state-licensed residential care facilities shall be deemed "legal nonconforming." This designation means that the facility will be allowed to continue operating given compliance with all other permit regulations. However, upon discontinuance of facility operation for a period of one year, any future request to operate a group home facility at the property will be regulated as a new facility, subject to the separation requirement. View the Group Home Permit Application (PDF).

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1. What is the latest city action?
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