What can the city enforce?

The City can, and does, enforce applicable provisions of the Municipal, Zoning and Building Codes, and State Penal Code statutes regarding disorderly conduct, excessive and late-night noise, littering, and other actions that are disruptive and negatively affect a neighborhood. Historically, the City has been successful in addressing these issues by:

  • Meeting with the owners/operators of the homes to discuss the concerns.
  • Requesting the owners/operators to take measures to eliminate the issues.
  • Enforcing the City Codes and State Penal Code.

This approach has resulted in a resolution of the problems caused by residents of the homes with the residents being more sensitive to the living conditions of the surrounding neighborhood.

City staff continues to monitor sober living homes in Laguna Niguel and responds to calls for service. The City also continues to monitor the enactment of ordinances and resulting litigation in Orange County cities as well as State legislation that pertains to the authority of the City to regulate such facilities.

Contact Information

For concerns regarding any alleged criminal activity or emergencies, call 911. For non-emergency activities and nuisances, such as night-time noise complaints and illegal street parking, please call Orange County Sheriff Dispatch at 949-770-6011. General questions or concerns regarding sober living homes and/or concerns regarding alleged property maintenance, zoning or building code violations, may be directed to the City's Code Enforcement office at 949-362-4300. Residents may also submit inquiries to the City online via the city's eTrakit system.

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